In retrospect, a recycling bin with an easy to open lid may not have been the best idea. 🐱

A light grey bin about 40cm high with a rectangular flap as the lid. The flap is open and a black and white cat is looking out from inside the bin.

I just need a few people (20,000) to get together and chip in a few dollars each and I’d have a brilliant Christmas present in the shape of a Starfleet Communicator from Star Trek: The Original series, courtesy of this memorabilia auction. 🖖🏻

Two of my favourite things, cats and Star Trek. 🐱🖖🏻

A lapel badge pinned on a cream coloured jacket. The badge is Spock from Star Trek wearing his blue uniform shirt and holding a black cat.

My Malvern Star Moscow 80 racer sat under water for three days during the 2022 Brisbane floods. I gave it a good clean down at the time but haven’t touched it since. Pulled it out today to assess it and plan a restoration project. I’ve had it for 43yrs and would like to take it for a cycle again.

An old faded light blue bike standing upright on cement. The words “Malvern Star” and “Moscow 80” are visible in yellow lettering on the frame.

This Lego Star Trek Voyager intro is brilliant. The creativity is a joy to see. 🖖🏻

Looking at photos from a 2008 visit to the British Museum. Wild to think how the Rosetta Stone was already 1600yrs old when it was dumped as rubble in fortifications in the late 1400s, which led to its accidental discovery 300 years later and unlocking the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language.

A large black stone with a smooth front surface but rough edges where it’s been broken. There are three different languages carved on the stone. It’s inside a glass case and the reflections of people viewing it are visible in the glass.

Spring Saturday afternoon vibe check.

21°c and sunny ✅

Sailing on the river ✅

A river with small sailboats spread out. A clear blue sky visible above the far bank.

⛈️ A lazy Friday night. I’m sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine watching the storm slowly roll in. The cat is doing the same, just without wine.

One of my favourite photos. An overnight flight and I was able to capture the sun starting to rise off in the yonder.

Looking out through an airplane window, the top of a jet engine visible at the bottom. Clouds fill the bottom half stretching to the horizon. The brightness of the sun is just becoming visible on the horizon in the distance.

Signalling my day is full. Don’t ask me for anything else.

A lapel badge pinned to a black and white jumper. The badge has a red background and gold lettering that says “yeah nah!” in all caps.

It was a pretty good panorama to grow up looking at every day.

From a beach looking out across the sea. A strip of yellow sand along the bottom with two islands visible on the horizon, which is across the middle of the photo. Blue sky with some light white clouds above and greeny blue water below.

The Australian media cycle is obsessed about the government not approving more landing slots for Qatar airlines and how it’s anti-competitive.

If only they cared this much about the lack of competition in the grocery sector, where two companies have 80% of the market resulting in inflated prices.

Well, who you gonna call?

A lapel badge in the shape of the image from the Ghostbusters movie - the universal no symbol of a red ring with a red slash over a white ghost. The badge is pinned to a blue blazer.

Thinking about a trip to Yosemite from San Francisco back in 2008 and the views of the mountains and forest as you wind your way up. A beautiful spot.

Looking out across a valley. A rich green, thick forest covers the valley floor while bare rocky mountains rise up in the background.

Project manager asked us to complete a survey so they have a baseline to measure against as project progresses. Survey has a scale of:

1 - Not Adequate 2 - Adequate 3 - Exceptional

What rating system jumps from adequate to exceptional? There was no way I was scoring anything exceptional.

Sometimes when I don’t feel like doing a long walk I’ll use the orange outdoor exercise equipment that’s down by the river. There are several different types of equipment and all very well used by the public. Today I had a pedal on the bike.

A rudimentary exercise bike made mainly from orange coloured metal pipes. Has a seat, handlebars and pedals but no actual wheels. There is grass, a tree and a river in the background.

Time to fly on a gorgeous sunny morning.

The rear section of an airplane sitting on the tarmac. The word Australia is visible along the body and Virgin is in red on the tail. Boarding stairs are at the rear door. A clear blue sky and bright sun are in the background.

Spending time with family is precious and Floyd is family. I mean, how can you resist those puppy eyes. 🐶

A light brown dog called Floyd standing on wet sand looking up at the camera. Floyd has white paws and a black and white snout. He’s wearing a blue harness with orange leash attached.

The buildup and anticipation from Floyd as we head for the water. Can almost hear the “hurry up” in his look back at me. Wants to be in the water. 🐶

A light brown dog called Floyd standing in the water on the beach. He has a blue harness and an orange leash.A light brown dog called Floyd standing in shallow water at the beach. He has a blue harness and an orange leash.

Abstract art from an exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery.