☕ Coffee required. Sitting on a selection panel for most of today. Writes off the whole day as the brain won’t be up for actual work by the time we finish at 4pm.

🎵 I appear to have gone down a John Denver music video rabbit hole on YouTube. He recorded and released approximately 300 songs, about 200 of which he wrote himself according to Wikipedia.

Gorgeous colour at sunset tonight. Love the way it was reflected in the river. I wasn’t the only one stopping to take a photo.

A length of green grass and a cement path in the foreground. A river curving from left to right. On the other side of the river the silhouettes of apartment buildings are visible. Above those is a cloudy sky lit up in a vibrant orange by the setting sun.

When I’m out walking I occasionally see a lady walking her dog and pushing a stroller. She has her two cats in the stroller and told me one day she didn’t think it was fair the dog was able to go outside and not the cats. It makes me smile whenever I see them all.

☕ Back to work after a nice 11 day break. First the coffee, then the emails.

New month. Time for a new lock screen photo. 🐱📱

An iPhone lock screen with a photo of a black and white cat sitting on a red throw rug on an armchair looking at the camera. The screen has the date, Monday 1 April, and the time, 5:21pm.

Relaxing afternoon reading my book on the balcony. Ms Ali and her toy mouse are keeping an eye on the birds flitting around. 🐱

A black and white cat laying on a square faded blue cushion on a wooden chair. A little blue toy mouse is beside her.

I’ve been looking for an inexpensive field watch I could wear on weekends. Quartz movement rather than mechanical so I could just put it on and go. I came across the Berny brand and liked the look of a white dial/cream band combo so ordered one. Arrived today, Good Friday, so kudos to the courier.

An analog watch sitting on a dark cushion inside a box. The watch has a white face with large dark 3/6/9/12 and a red second hand. The canvas strap is a cream colour.

Some people treat themselves to Easter eggs and hot cross buns for Easter.

I treat myself to a new Pilot MR3 Retro Pop fountain pen with a Fine nib and a new Easter (flat cap) bonnet. 🖋️

Two photos of violet purple fountain pen laying on a white notepad. Top photo has the cap off showing the nib and the bottom the cap is on. There is a silver band around the middle of the pen with purple wavy lines.A green flat cap laying on the white cotton bag it came in.

🍷 Holidays means a lazy lunch at one of my favourite Italian restaurants.