Relaxing afternoon reading my book on the balcony. Ms Ali and her toy mouse are keeping an eye on the birds flitting around. 🐱

A black and white cat laying on a square faded blue cushion on a wooden chair. A little blue toy mouse is beside her.

I’ve been looking for an inexpensive field watch I could wear on weekends. Quartz movement rather than mechanical so I could just put it on and go. I came across the Berny brand and liked the look of a white dial/cream band combo so ordered one. Arrived today, Good Friday, so kudos to the courier.

An analog watch sitting on a dark cushion inside a box. The watch has a white face with large dark 3/6/9/12 and a red second hand. The canvas strap is a cream colour.

Some people treat themselves to Easter eggs and hot cross buns for Easter.

I treat myself to a new Pilot MR3 Retro Pop fountain pen with a Fine nib and a new Easter (flat cap) bonnet. 🖋️

Two photos of violet purple fountain pen laying on a white notepad. Top photo has the cap off showing the nib and the bottom the cap is on. There is a silver band around the middle of the pen with purple wavy lines.A green flat cap laying on the white cotton bag it came in.

🍷 Holidays means a lazy lunch at one of my favourite Italian restaurants.

I like that Shogun has been coming out weekly rather than all at once. I’m really enjoying the show and it gives me something to look forward to. Plenty to binge watch in between. I’m about to finish Masters of the Air and then it’s either The Gentlemen or 3 Body Problem. 📺

🌱 A rainy Sunday afternoon is perfect for repotting some of my plants. I’ve left them in the exposed part of the balcony as there’s a forecast of a rainy week ahead. Hopefully they will get a good soaking in. 🪴

Dinner with some friends always comes with a proviso. They love to sing after a few drinks, and they sing very well, so karaoke is always suggested and you’re not allowed to say no.

Thankfully they have a media room so we don’t have to go any further than downstairs to embarrass ourselves.

On holidays until Easter. I like to match my digital out of office with a physical version.

Side on view of a desk. Sitting on the desk is a silver metal drink bottle with a sticker showing the face of a cat. Beside that is a white card saying “chill” above a smiling blue emoji face. Behind is a computer stand and monitor.

Fire alarm went off so we all went down the stairs and outside. Well except for two people who came down the lift about 10 minutes later just as the fire brigade arrived. They scored a pretty pointed rebuke from the one fireman.

Takes a special sort of dumb to use a lift when the alarm is sounding.

🍿 Dune: Part Two - he’s not the messiah he’s just a very naughty boy ★★½

A rectangular image with a review of the movie Dune: Part Two (2024). The movie poster is on the left and the review on the right side. Across the bottom is a rating of Poor Okay Good Great with Okay selected. The review reads: I think I'm a bit out of step with the general consensus on this one. It's visually spectacular and I'm glad I saw it on the big screen but it's longer than it needs to be and clearly setting up for a third movie. There was a meme doing the rounds on instagram that is the scene from Life of Brian where he tells his followers he's not the messiah. The meme subtitle was Dune Part Two spoilers without the context and it was spot on. I prefer the first movie over this second part.