Niece borrowed some money to help buy a car earlier this year. She’s discovering the bank of uncle peter is not as flexible with repayments as the bank of dad. Deferring the regular payment results in a lecture when it doesn’t resume as agreed. I call it character building, not sure if she agrees.

🍕 Making pizza for dinner, mainly so I can warm the apartment up with the oven.

We’re having “the office might be warmer, maybe I should go in instead of WFH” temperatures at the moment.

Someone in the comms team at my superannuation fund is probably swearing profusely right now. A generic email has gone out and it has the member number instead of the name (Dear 12345678).

After their recent outage due to Google cloud issues you’d think they’d be extra careful about this stuff.

🍷 Trivia time with team “Furiosa: A Mad Peter Saga”

😾 About to upset the cat by waking her up from her afternoon sleep and quickly putting her in the cat carrier to go to the vet for a dental check.

There was dinner. There was much wine. There is now terrible yet hilarious karaoke. Saturday continues to be done right.

🍺 Pub lunch incoming. Relaxing Saturday done right.

The large park near me has very popular and busy markets every Saturday morning with stalls set up around the ring road. I often see a guy with a metal detector sweeping the ground late on a Saturday afternoon after everyone has packed up. I wonder how much stuff he still finds.

An important reminder.

A rectangular enamel badge pinned on a cream jacket. The badge has a black background and gold lettering that says “Don’t go being a twat now”