Happy Towel Day to those who celebrate!

Sometimes you just need to sit and contemplate life. 🐱🐈

A black and white cat sitting upright on a cat bed, her rear legs spread out and her tongue poking out. She looks like she has had a big day.

“In the nick of time, a hero arose. A funny looking dog, with a big black nose.”

Snoopy Vs the Red Baron

Snoopy sitting on a red kennel dressed as the World War 1 flying ace.

Sat quietly in meetings today not saying things but giving a general vibe.

An enamel badge in the shape of a yellow duck with “Oh for ducks sake” around it.

Public holiday to do list nearly finished:

Coffee & crumpets for breakfast ✅

Read with cat sleeping on my lap ✅

Repot the last of the balcony plants ✅

Go for a walk along the river ✅

Make pizza for dinner ✅

Have a beer - in progress

Hello, it’s me. One in eight grown-ups love extreme tartness

For most people, biting into a lemon would leave them puckered up and desperate to lose that sour flavor, but a new study revealed that roughly one in eight adults like intensely sour sensations.

I’ve always loved a tart taste; if there’s a lemon or sour flavour to choose from I’ll go no further. Citrus drinks and strong cheeses are my favourite.

My nephew goes one further and eats lemons like they are oranges. No scurvy for him.

Presenting on a major project at our department forum today. Thought I’d wear something to instil confidence.

A rectangular silver badge on a blue jacket. The badge says “I have no idea what I’m doing”

😴 A little Sunday afternoon nap is the best sort of nap.

📺 Finished watching Masters of the Air (Apple TV+ 2024) ★★½

A review of the Apple TV+ series Masters of the Air (2024). Rated “Average”, the review reads “Pitched as Band of Brothers but for aircrew it misses the mark. The production itself is excellent as you'd expect from Apple and its deep pockets. The flying sequences, albeit with lots of CGI, are well done and you can't fault the sets or the costumes. However, I struggled to care about the characters. I know the mortality rate was high but when a character appears and then is gone the next episode I can't get invested. Overall, I preferred the Rosie Rosenthal and Harry Crosby characters to Buck and Bucky although the romantic subplot for Harry added nothing to the overall story. A generally enjoyable watch but not binge worthy.”

📺 Finished watching The Gentlemen (Netflix 2024) ★★★

A review of the Netflix series The Gentlemen (2024). Rated “Liked it”, the review “A spinoff of the movie of the same name it has a bit less violence, although it's still there, and leans more into the humour than the movie. The goofy brother being bailed out by the smart brother works as a plot device to allow for the slow descent into criminality that occurs. The pairing of the Duke and the daughter of the crime boss is good and they play off each pretty well. Vinnie Jones as the groundskeeper with the hinted at criminal past plays the part perfectly. I enjoyed it for what it is, a good bit of fun that doesn't require any effort to follow the plot lines.”