I loved the three Doctor Who specials and intend to rewatch before the Christmas episode. Neil Patrick Harris as the Toymaker in the third one was brilliant casting. His routine inside UNIT HQ was wonderful silliness.

I have no issue with the way the regeneration played out in the third one. 📺

I’d like to drop gmail as it’s the last bit of Google I haven’t removed from my life. However, I have a grandfathered free Workspace having set it up in about 2010 when it was Google Apps and cost nothing. Email addresses across multiple domains for free is a big hook I haven’t been able to get off.

Having successfully avoided any references to Doctor Who online today I’m going to settle in and watch the first 60th special. I’m a big fan of the Tennant and Tate 2008 season so very much looking forward to them together again on my screen. 📺

Happy Doctor Who Day! The show hits the 60 year mark today and is the one tv show that I can safely say has been a favourite my whole life. Can’t wait for the three specials and then a new Doctor. 📺

A Radio Times article from 21 November 1963 promoting the new BBC tv show, Doctor Who. The article has a photo of William Hartnell, the first actor to play the role.

💻 Today is new MacBook Air delivery day at work. Surface laptop was a great unit but I’m excited to be fully back in Apple land.

Quietly indicating two of my favourite things. 🐈📚

An enamel lapel badge pinned on a green check sports jacket. The badge is a black cat sitting on books with one paw resting on a small white skull. The bottom book is red and has “Cats & Books” in gold lettering on the spine.

Spent my Saturday morning listening to the new Mountain Goats album, Jenny from Thebes, which made for a pretty good morning. 🎵

It’s been a week. A very TGIF sort of week.

A hexagon shaped badge pinned on a black and white jumper. The badge is white with a red border and has “maybe swearing will help” in gold letters.

It’s well past time for journalists to stop writing “X, formerly Twitter” or some variant in their articles. He sacked the comms team, don’t replace them for free.

If you think people won’t know what X is then perhaps reconsider your lazy decision to use it as a source of quotes or comments.

Had a sunspot cut out of my lower leg on Friday and had the usual instruction of keep it covered for 48hrs and don’t get it wet. Looking forward to a shower tonight that doesn’t involve balancing one leg on the edge of the bathtub and trying not to fall over.

Get your skin checked annually people.

☕ That relieved feeling when you made it to the cafe counter in front of someone who has a 10 coffee order rather than behind them.

Trivia time. Thanks to international journeys we’re a much reduced Team “Peter: The eras tour”.

I always give myself a Christmas present and this watchband is going on the shortlist for this year. 🖖🏻 www.amazon.com/Star-Trek…

I like it when the six monthly fire drill is a “Shelter in Place” exercise rather than an evacuation. I can stay in my office and quietly sip my tea instead of going outside.

Apparently we’re sheltering from the raging storm outside.

Looking across an office towards windows with roller blinds partially down. A white meeting table with red chairs to the right. A green chair with plants near it on the left.

Almost half of private school parents would consider switching to a better funded public system

Governments in Australia need to stop funding private schools and boost public school funds. If you want to send a child to a private school for “alignment of values or religion” then pay the full cost.

🍸 Lovely afternoon with a long lunch and then cocktails. Walking/rolling home.

On Caturday, this little treasure likes to sit in the old chair on the balcony and watch the birds in between naps. 🐱

A black and white cat called Ali sitting on top of a blue cushion in an old wooden chair. Her front paws are tucked under her and she’s looking intently at something. Her head and body are black but her face, belly and paws are white.

The contrast of old and new on the streets of Kyoto.

In the foreground the peaked roof of an old Japanese temple is visible over the top of trees lining a street. In the distant background a tall telecommunications tower with spire is visible.

😎 Clocking off early to get my long weekend started.

You get a pretty decent cardio workout if you decide to walk around the gardens at Versailles. So large and spread out.

A long stretch of green grass with trees along either side. The leaves on the trees are turning a red brown colour. There’s a water feature on a lake in the far distance.