If you don’t start your day with coffee did it really start?

A latte in a glass sitting on a black saucer. A teaspoon is on the wooden table beside the saucer. A blurry background shows two people working behind the cafe counter.

🍿 Sunday night viewing was Wonka (2023) ★★½

A rectangular image with a review of the movie - Wonka. The left third contains the movie poster and the review is in other two-thirds. Across the bottom is a rating of Poor Okay Good Great with Okay selected. The review reads: A bit of light entertainment on a Sunday night. Musical numbers so if that's not your thing then steer clear. You won't remember any of the songs, they're entertaining in the moment but nothing you'd play the soundtrack later to hear again. A good try at imagining the origin story for Willy Wonka but doesn't have the quirky weirdness of a Roald Dahl story that the earlier Willy Wonka movies captured.

I’m not at work today and have been slowly watching the Teams notification badge count climb up during the morning. It’s midday and up to 22, despite me having an out of office message on.

Today's tidbit of information was discovering how often the film title is mentioned in James Bond movies and the number of times Mr Bond is said in each movie.

🍿 Ate some popcorn and watched The Marvels (2023) ★★★½

A green rectangle with the poster for The Marvels movie on the left third and the review on the remaining two thirds. Across the bottom is a rating of Poor Okay Good Great with Good selected. The review reads: At less than two hours this was a great pick for a Saturday night movie. There's enough explanation that you don't need to have seen the first movie, Ms Marvel or Wandavision, in terms of backstory for the three lead characters. The pace is good, the humour and chemistry between the leads is great and adds to the overall fun vibe of the movie.Not having to keep track of eight characters and 15 different storylines, eight of which are continuing from previous movies or tv shows, made for a refreshing change to some other marvel movies.
I have quite a few Lamy pens already but the Violet Blackberry 2024 special edition is going to be added to the collection. I love the multi coloured look. 🖋️

No idea what the cat has been chasing for 30 minutes. Started with a climb up the screen door (continually thankful it’s pet mesh), then climbing over the chair and staring at the roller blind followed by getting behind the blind. Now she’s sitting staring at the corner. At ghosts presumably. 🐱

No power for two hours for half the suburb as a local transformer blew. Of course there’s that one person in the local fbook group going on about how it will only get worse as the use of renewables increases. 🤦🏻‍♂️

Do these clowns even engage their brain before putting fingers to the keyboard.

Excited to be trialling Scribbles. I have a couple of thoughts on how I'll use the site and need to settle on just one!

Getting ready to set up my Scribbles site and stuck on do I hang it off an existing domain, buy a new domain or repurpose the domain that points at my tumblr site. I never use tumblr anymore so that makes the most sense …. but my (bad) habit of buying new domains for niche purposes is calling me.