A day in the life. Dinner and a show. Bananaland as part of the Brisbane Festival.

    A poster advertising a musical comedy - Bananaland.

    Live long and prosper. 🖖🏻

    A lapel badge in the shape of the Vulcan split finger Live Long and Prosper gesture. The hand is in the LGBT rainbow colours.

    Another sign I’m turning into my father: just had an afternoon nap because I’m going out tonight.

    A favourite thing to do when visiting family in my hometown is to take a drive up the Eungella range. You can stop at the pub near the top and you get a great view back down the valley. You can just make out the road leading back to the coast cutting through the green.

    A view down a green valley. Tops of trees are in the foreground and the valley floor fills the middle with a white ribbon of road visible. There are low mountains across the right side and a cloudy sky.

    It’s been a week. TGIF.

    A lapel badge pinned to a grey jumper. The badge is a black and white panda with “I can’t adult today” underneath.

    The life of a cat. Will fall asleep anywhere, anytime.🐱

    A black and white cat called Ali asleep in an enclosed part of a cream coloured cat tree. Her head is hanging over the edge of the round hole into the enclosure with one white paw visible.

    Disruption. That’s definitely what this creates to my planned walking route.

    A large metal fence blocking a footpath. The fence has a sign “Danger. Construction site. Keep out.”

    I was browsing through photos looking for a new image to use as my zoom background and came across this one of Hadrian’s Wall. I remember standing there and thinking about how it was once the furtherest edge of the Roman Empire and how very different the countryside would have looked back then.

    An open field with a ruined stone wall starting in the lower right then cutting across the middle of the photo and off into the distance. A group of trees are in the distance on the crest of a low rise.

    The nights have warmed up so time to pack this bit of fabric away until the head needs to be kept warm again.

    A beanie that looks like the TARDIS from the tv show Doctor Who. It is coloured blue with white windows and a black stripe above them that reads “Police Public Call Box”.

    An intense game of chase the ghost that only the cat can see has been underway for the last 10 minutes. 🐱

    A black and white cat is on a platform on a cat tree that’s about 50cm off the ground. One paw is through a hole in the platform like the cat is swiping at something.

    Puppy said woof! then I said oof! as he lunged at me playfully and nearly flattened me.

    A light brown dog with white paws and a black and white nose sitting on the sand looking at the camera. One ear is standing straight up the other bent over. An orange leash leads back out of frame to the person holding the camera.

    Sitting on her red throne with her arms folded up. A favourite position and I always assume I’m being judged, probably for the lack of food despite her insistent demands. 🐱

    A black and white cat sitting in a large chair that has a red throw rug over it. Her front paws are crossed under her body and she is looking straight at the camera.

    Impersonating a statue in the hope the gecko will come back. 🐱

    A black and white cat sitting upright on top of a metal storage rack and looking intently at the ceiling.

    A walk across the bridge and the horizon glowing as the sun sets. A nice way to wind out the day yesterday.

    A view looking along a river, tall city buildings on the right bank and lower buildings on the left. The setting sun has the horizon a warm yellow orange colour.

    No need to panic, I’ve been here inside the chair the whole time. 🐱

    The face of a black and white cat looking out from inside the base of a grey padded chair. The base of the chair is hanging down as the cat has torn a hole to get inside. There’s a large pink cushion to the right.

    In retrospect, a recycling bin with an easy to open lid may not have been the best idea. 🐱

    A light grey bin about 40cm high with a rectangular flap as the lid. The flap is open and a black and white cat is looking out from inside the bin.

    I just need a few people (20,000) to get together and chip in a few dollars each and I’d have a brilliant Christmas present in the shape of a Starfleet Communicator from Star Trek: The Original series, courtesy of this memorabilia auction. 🖖🏻

    Two of my favourite things, cats and Star Trek. 🐱🖖🏻

    A lapel badge pinned on a cream coloured jacket. The badge is Spock from Star Trek wearing his blue uniform shirt and holding a black cat.

    My Malvern Star Moscow 80 racer sat under water for three days during the 2022 Brisbane floods. I gave it a good clean down at the time but haven’t touched it since. Pulled it out today to assess it and plan a restoration project. I’ve had it for 43yrs and would like to take it for a cycle again.

    An old faded light blue bike standing upright on cement. The words “Malvern Star” and “Moscow 80” are visible in yellow lettering on the frame.

    This Lego Star Trek Voyager intro is brilliant. The creativity is a joy to see. 🖖🏻

    Looking at photos from a 2008 visit to the British Museum. Wild to think how the Rosetta Stone was already 1600yrs old when it was dumped as rubble in fortifications in the late 1400s, which led to its accidental discovery 300 years later and unlocking the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic language.

    A large black stone with a smooth front surface but rough edges where it’s been broken. There are three different languages carved on the stone. It’s inside a glass case and the reflections of people viewing it are visible in the glass.

    Spring Saturday afternoon vibe check.

    21°c and sunny ✅

    Sailing on the river ✅

    A river with small sailboats spread out. A clear blue sky visible above the far bank.

    ⛈️ A lazy Friday night. I’m sitting on the balcony with a glass of wine watching the storm slowly roll in. The cat is doing the same, just without wine.

    One of my favourite photos. An overnight flight and I was able to capture the sun starting to rise off in the yonder.

    Looking out through an airplane window, the top of a jet engine visible at the bottom. Clouds fill the bottom half stretching to the horizon. The brightness of the sun is just becoming visible on the horizon in the distance.

    Signalling my day is full. Don’t ask me for anything else.

    A lapel badge pinned to a black and white jumper. The badge has a red background and gold lettering that says “yeah nah!” in all caps.
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