I’m in single digits until my holidays with nine working days left. I’ve already set up my out of office message ready to turn on, basically says “on leave, talk to X”. For a longer holiday I never say my return date; ensures people don’t hold things over in the last few days waiting for my return.

    🚶 Sunday afternoon walk to the local Amazon locker to pick up the first of my prime day parcels. Capitalism creating exercise opportunities.

    It’s another cold day here and as I’m working from home today I’ve dug out my old cable knit pullover. It’s over 30yrs old but still as warm and comfortable as the day I bought it. It will probably last another 30yrs given Brisbane winters are not that long.

    The iPhone App Library groupings can be very random. X has moved from Social to News, which is ridiculous. Although it’s also moved all Apple apps (reminders, mail, calendar, contacts, notes, maps) from Productivity into Other. You’d think at a minimum Apple would categorise its own apps correctly.

    Gorgeous winter afternoon for a walk beside the river. Just before 5pm, 18°c and clear skies.

    Looking along the Brisbane River. The lower half of the photo is the blue of the river. The curve of the river creates a thin band of land across the middle with the upper half a clear blue sky.

    Productive afternoon reviewing the Melbourne International Film Festival (MIFF) program to decide what I’ll see. I’ve added it all into a spreadsheet to plan out and add travel times. Also need to leave some gaps to catch up with friends as well. 🍿

    🐱 The cat is silently sitting beside her bowl glaring at me as I’ve been up for an hour and haven’t fed her. She will be even more displeased when I scoop her up shortly and put her in the carrier to go to the vet to get her teeth cleaned.

    After today, I have 17 working days until I go on six weeks leave. Just have to make sure the screaming stays internal until then.

    A black enamel badge in the shape of an animal head, pointy ears, big round eyes and the words “Screaming Internally” where the mouth would be. It’s pinned on a cream coloured jacket.

    I don’t understand people who buy an apartment and then complain every quarter they don’t understand how the levies are calculated. How do they not look into it and make sure they know all the ongoing costs before making a major financial decision?

    🍸 Heading out for dinner and a show

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