Having successfully avoided any references to Doctor Who online today I’m going to settle in and watch the first 60th special. I’m a big fan of the Tennant and Tate 2008 season so very much looking forward to them together again on my screen. 📺

    Star Trek: SNW Subspace Rhapsody was a great bit of fun! The mix of serious and silly this show continues to deliver is one of its strengths. The emotional turmoil of Spock and La’an really shone through and was so consistent with their story arcs. As was the lighter side of Number One. 📺🖖🏻

    Second viewing of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S2E7 Those Old Scientists. The crossover with Lower Decks was so well done and I loved the references to Enterprise NX-01 and crew. Had touches of Lower Decks humour without being out of character for the SNW crew. I want that recruiting poster! 🖖🏻📺

    I really enjoyed Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S2E6. Celia Rose Gooding as Uhura is so good and it was great to see a story focus on her. The interplay between Pelia & Number One, Chapel and Spock, a farewell to Hemmer. That end scene of Uhura, Kirk and Spock was just the best. 🖖🏻📺

    I may have found this year’s Christmas present to myself. Babylon 5 series coming to Blu-ray 📺

    Warner Bros. Home Entertainment has announced that all five seasons and 110 episodes of J. Michael Straczynski’s legendary sci-fi series “Babylon 5” will be coming to Blu-ray this December 5th.

    The official Ahsoka trailer has the excitement levels going up. Might need to do a Rebels rewatch beforehand. 📺

    Very disappointing news about Star Trek Prodigy not only being cancelled but removed from the Paramount+ platform altogether.

    Original series for what’s possibly one of the strongest collections of IP on the platform and it’s removed as a tax write-off. Dumb. 📺🖖🏻

    Babylon 5: The Road Home premieres on 15 August so not long to wait now! It’s exciting that we’re finally getting some new B5 after all this time.

    The trailer is giving me very Quantum Leap Sam Beckett “put right what once went wrong” vibes though. 📺

    I wasn’t sure about Silo after watching the first two episodes. The pacing seemed a bit slow and I felt they could’ve been one episode.

    I stayed with it though and the next four episodes were much better. Less padding, more plot development.

    I have my theories so keen to see how they pan out. 📺

    I quite enjoyed the Ted Lasso finale. S3 wrapped up storylines and was consistent with the growth journey the characters were on. The way they leaned into Rebecca and Ted’s relationship across the episode brought things full circle. Just lovely feel good tv and sometimes that’s all you want. 📺

    All caught up on Ted Lasso S3 ready for the final episode. My prediction is Ted resigns as coach to go back home, Coach Beard stays. Ted recommends Nate take his place as head coach. 📺

    If you start now and watch seven episodes a week (including specials) you will have completed all of the 2005 onward episodes of Doctor Who before the 60th special airs in November. 📺

    Watched the first two episodes of Silo. The set is exceptional and the cast are great. It’s based on a book and I must admit I’m thinking it probably would’ve been much better turned into a movie instead of a ten episode series. 📺

    Watched the first episode of Mrs Davis as it’s had a thumbs up from people with similar viewing tastes to me. Very quirky and fun. I’ll be watching the rest of it. 📺

    Murray Gold returning as Doctor Who composer 📺

    The news that Murray Gold is returning to Doctor Who is quite exciting, for me anyway.

    I love the way each season he created new material, giving each important character their own piece. You hear Clara’s theme and you see that leaf blowing on the wind. You hear “I am the Doctor” and you see Eleven leaping into action.

    Hearing his theme in 2005 when the Doctor finally returned to our screens was just so exciting. It was a new arrangement but so familiar and took me straight back to how hearing that music as a boy meant the latest episode was starting and for 25 minutes I was going to be caught up in an adventure in time and space.

    Finished The Diplomat on Netflix.

    Good pacing, underlying story isn’t overly complex and links everything together. I’ve seen comparisons to West Wing but I think it’s closer to Madam Secretary. If you liked those or more recently The Night Agent or The Recruit on Netflix you should enjoy this. 📺

    Some spoiler free thoughts on Star Trek Picard S3E8.

    My two favourite lines:

    “Is this a rescue mission or a continuation of the torture”

    “Personal space is a right”

    My favourite scene was the conference room, complete TNG fan service and I loved it. 🖖🏻📺

    Just watched The Mandalorian S3E6.

    For a show that’s about “The” Mandalorian it’s spending a lot of time on Bo-Katan. Is she now “The” Mandalorian?

    Not even sure why they bother showing Grogu apart from merchandising tie-in.

    I’d like more Andor instead of this. 📺

    Star Trek Picard S3 just gets better with each episode. Jonathan Frakes does a superb job as director of episode 3.

    So many great lines. 🖖🏻📺

    Wait until there are three episodes then binge together I thought.

    Have a nice Sunday night I thought.

    Wind the weekend down with a bit of tv I thought.

    Then I made it to the third episode of The Last of Us.

    I absolutely was not ready for that, any of it. 📺

    Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister are two of my favourite shows. Insightful political comedy that is still as accurate and cutting as when it first screened 40 years ago. 📺

    I’m enjoying both House of the Dragon and Rings of Power but the former is definitely the better of the two. I think the jumps ahead in years has helped it in terms of pace and the feeling things are happening. Rings is a slow burn with disparate plot lines that works against it in some ways. 📺

    Rings of Power this week felt like a filler episode and I’m finding the Harfoot storyline annoying. 📺

    Just watched the first three episodes of the new season of Westworld. I see that they’ve stayed with the approach of multiple confusing sub plots, cryptic statements by characters, nothing is simple, blood, gore and death, so much death. All set to the usual great music. 📺

    Discovered Blake’s 7 is on britbox so I’ll be indulging in some great old sci-fi for the next little while. Along with Doctor Who and Star Trek Original Series, it’s one of the first shows to get me hooked on sci-fi. 📺

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