On Caturday, this little treasure likes to sit in the old chair on the balcony and watch the birds in between naps. 🐱

    A black and white cat called Ali sitting on top of a blue cushion in an old wooden chair. Her front paws are tucked under her and she’s looking intently at something. Her head and body are black but her face, belly and paws are white.

    Embrace the leg. 🐱

    A black and white cat laying on the legs of a person wearing grey track suit pants. The legs are resting on a yellow footstool.

    When you’ve had a tooth out and still high on painkillers you too will sit and stare at the ceiling. 🐱

    A black and white tuxedo cat sitting on a mat in front of a closed screen door. Her body, ears, top of her head and upper legs are black. Her belly, lower legs and nose are white. She is staring upwards with wide eyes.

    The life of a cat. Will fall asleep anywhere, anytime.🐱

    A black and white cat called Ali asleep in an enclosed part of a cream coloured cat tree. Her head is hanging over the edge of the round hole into the enclosure with one white paw visible.

    An intense game of chase the ghost that only the cat can see has been underway for the last 10 minutes. 🐱

    A black and white cat is on a platform on a cat tree that’s about 50cm off the ground. One paw is through a hole in the platform like the cat is swiping at something.

    Sitting on her red throne with her arms folded up. A favourite position and I always assume I’m being judged, probably for the lack of food despite her insistent demands. 🐱

    A black and white cat sitting in a large chair that has a red throw rug over it. Her front paws are crossed under her body and she is looking straight at the camera.

    Impersonating a statue in the hope the gecko will come back. 🐱

    A black and white cat sitting upright on top of a metal storage rack and looking intently at the ceiling.

    No need to panic, I’ve been here inside the chair the whole time. 🐱

    The face of a black and white cat looking out from inside the base of a grey padded chair. The base of the chair is hanging down as the cat has torn a hole to get inside. There’s a large pink cushion to the right.

    In retrospect, a recycling bin with an easy to open lid may not have been the best idea. 🐱

    A light grey bin about 40cm high with a rectangular flap as the lid. The flap is open and a black and white cat is looking out from inside the bin.

    Six years ago little Ms Ali came home with me from the Cat Cuddle Cafe rescue and immediately made herself at home. How could I not adopt her when she looked up at me with those big eyes. 😻🐱

    A small black and white kitten curled up in a man’s arm. A black and white kitten on a desk in front of a monitor. A keyboard has been pulled back to make room for her.A small black and white kitten sitting on a wooden enclosed deck. She is looking up at the camera with big green eyes.

    A work from home day means commute time is replaced with cat time and that’s a 200% better use of time. 🐱

    A black and white cat curled up on a man’s legs that are covered by a multi coloured crochet blanket. The blanket is made from yellow, dark blue, light blue, pink, green, brown and white yarn.
    A black and white cat resting her head across a man’s leg that’s under a multi coloured crochet blanket. The blanket is white, pink, green, yellow, brown and light blue.

    The Cat is contemplating Wednesday with the same amount of enthusiasm as me.

    On Caturday we nap, unless there’s a bird outside then it’s an all systems alert. 🐈

    A black and white cat with big whiskers and wide eyes sitting straight up staring at something behind the photographer. Her body and head are black while her belly, chin and nose are white.

    On Caturday we keep a careful eye on the pigeons. 🐱🐈‍⬛

    A black and white cat crouching on grey tiles staring intently upwards with wide eyes.


    No movement allowed.

    Plans deferred. 🐈‍⬛🐱

    A black and white cat curled up on a lap. Under the cat is a crocheted blanket over the man’s legs. The blanket has light blue, pink, yellow, brown and green colours. The edges of a yellow chair he is sitting in are visible.

    We all love a crochet blanket when it starts to get cooler at night.

    A black and white cat laying lengthways between a persons legs. The legs are covered with a crochet blanket coloured pink, blue, brown, yellow and green.

    🐈‍ Upsetting the cat by asking her to move off my lap so I can go to work.

    The cooler weather means the crochet blanket comes out to keep my feet warm. The cat loves to sleep on this blanket and will now spend the next few months curling up like this whenever I’m watching tv. 🐈

    A black and white cat curled up asleep on a multi coloured crochet blanket draped across a man’s legs. The cat is in between his legs with head resting on one leg.

    The WFH supervisor is beginning to look unhappy with me. Most likely because she thinks food should have been provided by now.

    A black and white cat with a grumpy look on her face laying on a curved cat cushion on top of a white bookcase. A blue wall behind.

    On Caturday we sit in the sun and watch the birds sitting on the building next door.

    A black and white cat sitting on a faded pink, white and blue striped cushion in a chair. The cat is looking up and to the right. Her body and head are black but her chin and belly and paws are white.

    Sometimes you need a lot of patience when you live with a cat. There’s a reason I sometimes refer to Ms Ali as “my little lunatic”. 🐈

    A black and white cat sitting on a clothes airer that is hung over the top of a door. The airer extends horizontally from the doir and the cat is sitting precariously across the thin wire bars of the airer.

    The cat and I spend a lot of time together like this. Often when I’m wearing clothes I don’t want to get cat hair on so I keep this green towel handy.

    A black and white cat asleep on a man. There is a green towel under the cat and she has one paw stretched out across him.

    Spent 10 minutes looking everywhere for the cat as I thought she was in one of the bedrooms and the whole time she was hiding under the chair in the living room.

    A black and white cat hiding under a yellow chair. The photo is taken from the side and the cat's head is turned towards the camera. A red throw blanket is visible hanging down over the front of the chair, hiding her unless looking under from the side.

    While I might live alone I don’t live in solitude.

    A black and white cat curled up asleep on a white blanket on a bed. A man's leg is partially visible on the left side of the photo.

    Checking the window is secure before settling in for the night.

    A side profile of a black and white cat sitting on top of a large armchair. Her body is mainly black but white is visible on her belly, jaw and lower half of her legs. The armchair is covered in a red throw rug. The cat is looking towards a window that has plantation shutters open in front of it.
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