The Cat

    🐱 The cat is silently sitting beside her bowl glaring at me as I’ve been up for an hour and haven’t fed her. She will be even more displeased when I scoop her up shortly and put her in the carrier to go to the vet to get her teeth cleaned.

    Sometimes you just need to sit and contemplate life. 🐱🐈

    A black and white cat sitting upright on a cat bed, her rear legs spread out and her tongue poking out. She looks like she has had a big day.

    Relaxing afternoon reading my book on the balcony. Ms Ali and her toy mouse are keeping an eye on the birds flitting around. 🐱

    A black and white cat laying on a square faded blue cushion on a wooden chair. A little blue toy mouse is beside her.

    A lazy start to Caturday. I’m reading and Ms Ali is keeping me company. One reason I use a Kindle is that it’s easier to read with when only one arm is available due to the other being trapped under madam. 🐈‍⬛🐱

    A black and white cat laying in a man’s lap with his left arm under her head. He is wearing a blue shirt with small coloured triangles on it. The arm of the mustard yellow chair is visible.

    No idea what the cat has been chasing for 30 minutes. Started with a climb up the screen door (continually thankful it’s pet mesh), then climbing over the chair and staring at the roller blind followed by getting behind the blind. Now she’s sitting staring at the corner. At ghosts presumably. 🐱

    On Caturday, this little treasure likes to sit in the old chair on the balcony and watch the birds in between naps. 🐱

    A black and white cat called Ali sitting on top of a blue cushion in an old wooden chair. Her front paws are tucked under her and she’s looking intently at something. Her head and body are black but her face, belly and paws are white.

    Embrace the leg. 🐱

    A black and white cat laying on the legs of a person wearing grey track suit pants. The legs are resting on a yellow footstool.

    When you’ve had a tooth out and still high on painkillers you too will sit and stare at the ceiling. 🐱

    A black and white tuxedo cat sitting on a mat in front of a closed screen door. Her body, ears, top of her head and upper legs are black. Her belly, lower legs and nose are white. She is staring upwards with wide eyes.

    The life of a cat. Will fall asleep anywhere, anytime.🐱

    A black and white cat called Ali asleep in an enclosed part of a cream coloured cat tree. Her head is hanging over the edge of the round hole into the enclosure with one white paw visible.

    An intense game of chase the ghost that only the cat can see has been underway for the last 10 minutes. 🐱

    A black and white cat is on a platform on a cat tree that’s about 50cm off the ground. One paw is through a hole in the platform like the cat is swiping at something.
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